Welcome to SongSkool! Australia's first dedicated songwriting school - now in it's 16th year!

A Melbourne based songwriting course for those who wish to learn more about the craft of songwriting!

Ideally suited for both beginners who dont know where to start, and those who have books full of half-finished ideas and wish to complete them!

SongSkool is open to anyone 13 and over, who want to learn how to write songs or refine their writing technique, with Adult classes Saturday mornings,
ADULTS classes
and Teen classes on Tuesdays or Wednesdays after school.
TEENS  classes

Based in Melbourne, Australia, the course runs once a week, over 3 weeks, with a maximum of 3 people to a class in a relaxed studio setting! 

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FOR BOOKINGS: contact Tony 0403 072 974    tony@songskool.com  
(please note: Once booking is made, there are no refunds. We can however reschedule due to sickness)

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" I wasn't sure about the level the course would be pitched at, but I didn't have to worry. I was not a total newcomer to songwriting, and the information covered was right for me. I think the subject matter would be suitable across a range of levels. Tony was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable and has obviously had a lot of experience, as well as a lot of contacts". Neil Harrington Melbourne.
"I am a beginner songwriter, this experience has been very beneficial for me. I learnt A LOT of new ways to look at my song construction and delivery. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions Tony ran. He was very personable and was great at delivering his knowledge! I'm sure Tony would be great at delivering this course to anyone of any skill level. Very helpful. Great Overview of songwriting. I can't stop thinking now....and need to get writing!"   Lucy Bowen - Victoria
"This course is a lot of fun & we are learning great stuff from an experienced musician & songwriter who has plenty of knowledge & current industry experience. He is open, friendly & it is a privilege that he is willing to share this with students! If you're thinking about it, just do it!"  Fleur Crothers - Melbourne
"Just wanted to say thank you for the SongSkool course! I've been singing now for over 20 years, but songwriting always evaded me. In the back of my mind I think I believed that you either 'had it' or you didn't, like some kind of devine intervention was required in order to write a song. I was so happy to find out that it's a skill, with techniques, like anything else - and it's not hard! I'm now on my way to being a professional songwriter, and it's so much fun!!"
Julie Forrester - Vocalist, Camberwell.
"I am a singer who always wanted to write but didnít know where to start. Having just finished a 3 week course at SongSkool, I have a much greater understanding about song structure and how it all works, and feel a lot more confident in penning ideas and expressing life through songs. I loved every minute (especially the 2nd week) and felt very inspired each week when I left. You not only look at songs differently but life, as you'll learn, there is a song in everything!"Miss K - singer
"The SongSkool course was really informative, very laid back with opportunities for questions and discussion as we went along. The material was very comprehensive and thorough thats for sure!" Nina Finn - Artist/Songwriter
"Tony has given me greater confidence with my songwriting, So much in fact that the song he helped me write was described by Jase Subramanium, Principle of the Australian Institute of Contemporary Singing, as an 'Instant hit'!" 
Kym Huynh Singer/Songwriter www.kymhuynh.com
"I recommend SongSkool for anyone who aspires to be a great singer/ songwriter!. It promotes confidence in learning how to write songs, in a relaxed atmosphere. Tony is also a great producer who knows how to hone in on individual styles and brings out the best in artists"  
Genevieve Stephens Singer/Songwriter

"SongSkool isn't just for singers and musicians, being a lyricist I found the course to be much more than I could ever have dreamed of. Tony took us on the complete journey."
Dianne Reemin - Lyricist

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